"But I think people connect with songs about heartbreaks, sadness, and pain because everyone is very vulnerable. No one really lets on. But everyone in the world at some point will wake up and look at themselves in the mirror and feel.. "Oh, that person doesn’t want to go on a date with me because I look like this, I talk like this, or I’ve done this." Everyone has elements of self-loathing and when you hear a song  being like, "You know this has happened to me" you connect with it because you feel like someone finally understand you.

- Ed Sheeran understands the importance of music from an artist to its listeners.


Anonymous asked:

heeey, whats up with that book that ed posted on his instagram? that green one, A Visual Journey

sheeran-usa answered:

It’s an autobiographical, illustrated collaboration with his friend Phillip Butah. The book will contain small entries written by Ed explaining his rise to fame accompanied by illustrations of Ed done by Phillip :)

It will be available this fall :D


Here’s an excerpt!